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Women and Environments - Ethical Engagement in the Age of "Sustainable Consumerism

A Review by Helen Lynn

7x7 Magaine

 'Painted Nails': A San Francisco Salon Owner Shares Her Story of Miscarriages + Safe Cosmetics Advocacy in New Documentary

Frontrunner Magaine

Painted Nails, a feature-length documentary film by Dianne Griffin and Erica Jordan, is equal parts immigrant and activist story.

Viet Film Fest 2016

Interview with Painted Nails Filmmakers

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KQED Your Call: Toxic chemicals in cosmetics By ROSALIE ATKINSON -  LISTEN HERE

Painted Nails' documentary at Sebastopol Film Festival - Sonoma Gazette 2016

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In The Wake, Film Review, Film Threat, 2001
Erica Jordan: The Quiet Pioneer, Film Threat interview by Phil Hall, May 3, 2000
FILM; For Moviegoers, The Net’s Not Yet An Easy Option, New York Times, March 1, 1998
Move Close Up - Erica Jordan and Shirin Etessam Interview with Bonnie Steiger, San Francisco Public Access channels 1998

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